About Huma

Introducing Huma Masood, a seasoned stock market trader, avid reader, and author. With an extensive background as a market research analyst and consultant, Huma has honed her expertise in the financial industry over the years.

She began her career as a market research analyst and consultant, working with well-known brands such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Gulf Bank, Kuwait Airways, and KNPC. Her experience in market research provided her with valuable insights that she now applies to her investing strategies.

In addition to her professional achievements, Huma is also a talented writer, having contributed to ezines as well as paperback anthologies available online. Her work is insightful and engaging, and she has authored a collection of poems titled "She and Other Poems," available for download from the Blogchatter library.  Her work was featured in the Blogchatter Ebook carnival.

Huma remains dedicated to her passion for investing, believing that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve success in the stock market and beyond. 

#HumaMasoodWrites or #humawrites.

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Behind the Scenes Story with Swarnali, the Blissful Storyteller and the founder of The Peace Stories Initiative

The Blogchatter book of thrillers (Anthology)

Anu is a woman with a scarred face and a blank mind. She has lost her memory. 

But then she starts to have nightmares…

Who is she? Why isn't her family looking for her? Or are they?

 What was she doing on that cliff? Alone? 

She was about to find the truth…

Don't miss reading the thriller short Fragments of Yesterday, part of the Anthology The Blogchatter Book of Thrillers - a compilation of 15 short stories compiled by Blogchatter and published by Readomania

Available to buy on Amazon and Readomania Publishing

She and other poems (Ebook)

Although we face the same storm, some boats are rocked by larger waves. Some struggle, some inspiration. Few random thoughts with a lot of hope. A collection of 33 poems.

Tell them

It doesn't matter

what they chatter, tell them

You're more than just an opinion

Show them 

Download here

She and other poems poetry by Huma Masood

Short Scribblings for the soul

Poetry and Quotes

My Anthologies (On Amazon)

Huma has contributed to various websites & paperback anthologies - To be updated soon

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Canva contributor profile page

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